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High production technology

Processing with CNC machinery, (computerized numerical control system) which coordinates the movements of a machine tool in such a way as to make the tool follow predefined trajectories on specific axes excluding operator intervention) carrying out milling for modeling, drilling for concealed fixing with hooks for panels on double horizontal track
aluminum guide, on materials such as:

  • HPL
  • Composite aluminum (Alucobond type)
  • Fiber cement
  • Ceramic

For ventilated facades, roofing and cladding of particular design


Ventilated facades and roofs

With our ventilated facade and roofing systems we cover every building, simplifying the complexity of the executions and guaranteeing notable benefits:

Ventilated facades and roofs protect from the elements and contribute to the durability of the building.


Insulated internal walls

Optimal protection from heat and cold

The internal walls of the building and the insulation always remain dry.

Ventilated facades and roofs minimize the stress on the walls due to temperature variations.

solar-energy (1)

Energy and emissions savings

Noise protection

They lead to energy saving and in turn energy saving leads to the minimization of carbon dioxide emissions.

The multilayer structure of the ventilated roofs and facades protects against noise.


We secure the execution of the works by ensuring sustainable construction

The systems and materials used by LS ensure sustainable construction, thanks to the possibility of recycling the components used .

Furthermore, it is important to say that all the professional figures within the company work in close collaboration with each other , while acting in full autonomy.

Absolute importance is given to group work where everyone is called to express their own experience and personality by comparing themselves with those of others. This climate of great harmony and mutual respect generates enthusiasm, motivation and efficiency among all those who are part of it. The elasticity and speed that the market constantly requires can only be satisfied with careful and professional organization. These are the secrets with which the company LS srl has managed to make its way in the sector , increasingly qualifying itself as a point of reference on the market.

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